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Termite Prevention & Treatment

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Termites cause damage to more than 600,000 U.S. homes each year exceeding more than $5 billion annually. That means that the average Oklahoma homeowner will spent upwards of $3,000 to fix termite damage that’s already occurred in their home.

That’s why we at Mid-America Pest Control provide pre- and post-constrThis is a worker termite. Worker termites do the most work within a colony. They are responsible to search for food, storing the food, and colony and nest maintenance.uction termite inspections and remediation to help prevent, deter and eliminate these wood-destroying creatures before it’s too late.


Taking a proactive approach to protecting a new build from termites is essential to contractors, season home builders, and even those planning their dream home. Our professional termite specialists provide pre-treatments during this construction period in two important times: before the concrete slab is poured and after the “dirt work” has been finished and a final grade has been established.

What’s more, we further extend your protection by performing borate lumber treatment during framing, which helps to further repel crawling or flying termites. This entire fast, reliable and state compliant service is backed by a 5-year warranty as well as a free pest service.


If you own a home that’s 10-20 years old, it’s highly possible that you could be suffering termite effects this very moment and not even know it. All it takes is a small swarm to infest your property and before you know it, everything can start crumbling down around you.

At Mid-America Pest Control, we offer a wide range of safe, effective support to help eliminate this threat quickly, including spot treatment, bait systems, or complete ecofriendly liquid treatments. By utilizing our effective elimination system, we can keep your home looking aesthetically beautiful without leaving behind glaring treatment holes.

We currently offer FREE initial inspections and a 5-year warranty/guarantee on our services, so contact us today at (918) 373 4187 to schedule your visit today!




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